Developing and delivering winning strategies.

We always define Success by your results.

Developing and delivering winning strategies.

We always define Success by your results.

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Coaching Testimonials

“The coaching process has helped me become more self aware and Kris helped me to fully realize my strengths and how I can use them going forward in my new area of work. The sessions helped me to focus on more realistic bite-sized steps which in turn have helped with motivation and kept me on track.  I would highly recommend Kris as a coach, her natural enthusiasm and ability to put people at ease and build rapport makes her a great person to work with”

Debra McAndrew


“By Kris asking the right questions I was able to specify the goal I wanted to achieve, break it down into baby steps and realistically decide when I would be able to tackle each task. Making me feel less overwhelmed and my goals instantly manageable and having a motivating effect as a result.”

A. Cooney


“Kris was very approachable as a coach and helped me realize and then focus on what was important to me. She asked all the right questions that enabled me to realize what I wanted and how I was going to get to the end result with a step by step process. I am thrilled to have achieved so much in such a short space of time. I really appreciate Kris’ time and efforts and would always recommend her to anyone who needs some direction”.

A. Brawley


“I have been enormously impressed by the coaching sessions and have found Kris’ approach excellent.  She is supporting, non-judgemental and persistent, helping me to get to the root cause of an issue, challenge my motives and make decisions about my future that are right for me.

When I began my coaching with Kris I had just stepped down from a very demanding position and wanted to build a portfolio of paid and voluntary roles that I would find fulfilling and that would also enable me to pursue new interests and spend more time with friends and family. Kris coached me through the whole process from identifying areas of my life that are important to me, to deciding what changes to make and finally taking decisive action.

Several months on, I now have a mix of roles and activities that works for me, and the ‘tools’ to be able to assess new opportunities or requests, accepting those where my knowledge, skills and effort can have most impact.  I am now much more able to say ‘no’ when something is not right for me and I cannot thank Kris enough for the help she has given me.  I have been through coaching programmes twice before in my adult life and my experience with Kris has been by far the most helpful and rewarding. ”

‘Former Charity CEO’


“When I started being coached by Kris I wanted to have a better separation between work and home life and to improve my relationships at work. We focused on dealing with several challenging work situations as well as examining what I valued and desired most from my work.  Kris helped me gain valuable new perspectives and challenged me by asking questions that were difficult, but really helped me to think and hone in on what I wanted.   I was able to go from feeling like I was on a treadmill, putting a lot of energy in but not really going anywhere, to being on a path and moving forward again.

For the first time in years I can now say “I love my job!” and feel quite happy and settled in my current role. I’ve also gained more emotional intelligence.  Kris empowered me to come up with my own solutions to learn how to step back from situations where I previously would have just reacted and not gotten the result I wanted and my relationships are more positive and productive as a result.

I’m in a different place now, I’m confidently tackling situations and difficult conversations that I wouldn’t have before (with better outcomes). I’ve also achieved a better work and home life balance because I don’t allow my work issues or concerns to intrude. I enjoyed Kris’ positive approach but also needed her challenging me so that I didn’t stop at the “easy” but not as effective solutions.  I really benefitted from Kris’ ability to “notice” things that I hadn’t really thought about in relation to progress.  I would definitely recommend Kris to anyone who is looking to develop themselves.

‘T. Adams.’

“Coaching sessions with Kris started at the beginning of some key turning points in my business.  Launching a studio was just an idea and I had ideas of pursuing either a franchise business model, working with and developing my own brand, or maybe even doing nothing. I was also a couple of months away from running my first overseas retreat.  There was a lot to think about and plenty to get done.

As a result of talking about where I wanted the business to go, and the outcomes I was looking for, Kris kept me within a framework of actions that led to the opening of the Yoga Local studio space within 4 months of our initial call and a super successful and fully-booked retreat.

The coaching sessions were important for maintaining the vision of how I wanted to run the business and the quality of energy that I wanted to maintain and ultimately how I wanted to feel at launch and beyond. It was important to me to have a successful business but not at the expense of my health, values and general balance in life. The sessions kept me accountable and within the parameters of my initial goals. It was important to be true to myself and that what I was offering and what I represent was congruent. The coaching sessions flagged up where I was, or wasn’t, walking my talk.

Three months since the studio launch, Kris’ sessions have helped steer myself and the business past survival stage and it’s now in position to be taken to the next level. I will be recruiting staff next month and possibly extending the business into an adjacent unit to create space for a yoga shop/juice bar.

Since our sessions began I have:

  • Taken a mere concept in my head to running and owning a yoga studio
  • Gained more confidence in leaning into my own decisions and trusting in my own instincts.
  • Learned to find value in the process of mapping things out

Things that I will take forward with me are:

  • Blocking out time to manage the business needs and volume of work
  • Creating systems and strategies to make the business run more efficiently.
  • Trusting in what feels right
  • Remembering to ask –  How do I want to run my business?

I have a lot to celebrate and I’ve stayed true to the vision I had from the outset. I thank Kris for keeping me accountable, being a patient sounding board, making me remember I love deadlines (really), and offering the support and encouragement I needed at exactly the right time.”

Josie Steedman – Owner Yogalocal


“After numerous years of quickly growing a successful business, I exhausted myself.  It came time to pick the tempo back up so I worked with Kris on what would be some pretty lofty goals for many entrepreneurs in my industry.

During our 4 months of coaching, I enjoyed some impressive accomplishments, such as:

  • Enjoying the largest month of sales in 2 years, which was equal to almost 6x my previous month’s sales;
  • A random goal I had set of selling 2 particular products in 1 month … and on the last day of that month the 2 clients who would purchase those products a couple of weeks later contacted me from out-of-the-blue;
  • A product I had stopped selling for 2 years I wanted to resurrect; and I succeeded in accomplishing that.

I also found that some tasks that weren’t receiving much priority or commitment from me were now being completed with much more ease than over the previous 2 years thanks to the added clarity, focus and, above all, support and accountability.  Kris holds the space nicely to help me brain-dump and then asks some thought-provoking and  valuable questions. Very powerful … and extremely helpful.”

Lynne Jacob – Business Advisor, Performance Coach, Key-Note Speaker & Best-Selling Author


I’ve been amazed by what I’ve gained from Kris’ coaching.  It has totally changed my opinion of myself, helped me focus on my strengths and abilities, and enabled me to deal with some issues that I truly never would have resolved without her coaching. The questions she asks and the way she got me to ask questions of myself, as well as challenging me, has been incredible. I would recommend Kris because she is an amazing coach; she asks all of the right questions to help empower you to achieve your objectives. My life has been transformed in just a few short months and I will be eternally grateful to her.”

H. Rogers


Let me help your business change – to become the best it can be.

Training/Consulting Testimonials:

Kris was a competent, approachable and self motivated member of my training team. Her initial focus was on the Order through to Cash process but she was also involved in the other streams of the programme i.e Procure to pay, Plan to Produce. Presentations as well as Uperform were the tools used for training purposes and Kris was a skilled creator of both of these to allow delivery to the end users. Kris was an excellent communicator at all levels which allowed her to fully understand and deliver what was required to the business. I would have no hesitation in working with Kris again in the future.

Lisa Pullen – SAP Program Manager, Tate & Lyle


I have had the pleasure of working alongside Kris for the past 3 months in her role as an SAP SRM Trainer. Kris has successfully combined her wealth of training and SAP knowledge with an exceptional work ethic to develop an excellent training package for the business. Kris has then gone onto deliver this training in a professional, positive and engaging manner. Throughout my time working with Kris she has shown a strong eye for detail in both the development and delivery of training, a real passion for the project and a determination to succeed.

Samuel Coumbe – (formerly Purchasing Manager at Volkswagen Group UK Ltd)


Kris was the trainer for our SAP K-SRM project at VW Group UK Ltd. I worked closely with her to provide business input and support for the development and delivery of training. She was a quick self-starter, getting up to speed on our specific business processes and system and learning a new training tool in an extremely short timeframe. She devised and developed training materials that were creative, consistent, user friendly and well received, producing them quickly under intense project deadline pressure. These materials have continued to provide very useful support in the post go live phase.

She delivered training in an exemplary manner covering all levels of employees including one to one coaching with the Board of Directors. Feedback from her training was always excellent and positive. She was very proactive and determined to find answers and solutions to training issues, persevering with all of the Subject Matter Experts and Functional Consultants on the project team. She is independent enough to work on her own, but collaborative enough to be an excellent team player. She is very friendly, confident and easy to work with and I would highly recommend her for any training or documentation roles and would hire her again.

Justine King – (formerly Business Support Manager at Volkswagen Group UK Ltd)


Kris was a valued member of our JLR SAP implementation team who worked closely with the Global MP&L Business to support training across our Supply Chain Management and transportation Implementation teams which supported our Lead Logistics Supplier. Kris comes highly recommended, not only quickly picking up JLR automotive process and procedures, but was a key member of Training team advising on best fit SAP procedures and delivering robust, sustainable processes across JLR Global MP&L Business.

Phil Gillon – Senior Systems Analyst at Jaguar Land Rover


I worked very closely with Kris have been thoroughly impressed.  The training materials prepared & the training course delivery were of an exceptionally high standard. She also went the extra mile after the training had been delivered by offering ‘one to one’ sessions with individuals to help the transition from training to BAU. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others who are looking for someone to deliver training to the highest standard

Matt Henry – Senior Systems Analyst, Jaguar Land Rover