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Helping Businesses Develop Great
People and Great Places to Work.

Make your business an ‘employer of choice’ and
go from surviving to thriving


Turn Information into
Actionable Insights

Quickly pinpoint the root causes behind the
symptoms of disengagement and low productivity


Change Management for
Sustainable Success

Successfully manage, lead and implement changes to your business.
Transform uncertainty into possibility, and rapid changes into lasting progress.


Picture this – it’s Monday morning. The alarm goes off and as you lay there starting at the ceiling you heave an enormous sigh. You feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You know you have to get up and go to work to pay your bills, and you’re dreading it. You think about the team you’re working with on that big project; you groan picturing the frustrating and difficult conversations you’ll have to endure today and the endless meetings trying to make decisions by committee. It’s such a painful process to get anything done.

What if all your employees felt that way and either decided to call in sick, or turned up but weren’t ‘present’ – how would that impact your business? What if that employee had key skills and knowledge you couldn’t afford to lose (your business memory) and they left; what would it cost to replace them?

There is a solution…….

I support purpose driven people and organisations to create their desired future.   We’ll uncover your blind spots and turn obstacles into opportunities.


Coaching for your business

My coaching supports people to achieve results faster than they would on their own. I unlock potential and performance and open the door for new insights to emerge.


Workshops and Training

My training will equip your people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed


Disc Profile

Understand your people in minutes instead of months to create better working relationships


Employee Engagement Solution

Using ‘people antivirus’ software, we can detect and remove the harmful relationship viruses in your organisation and fast track openness, trust and collaboration


Business process Mapping

Streamline your processes to save time and money, increase efficiency and productivity and free people up to do their best work.


Employees want to feel that who they are and what they do matters.

Tim Galway once said that

Performance  =  Potential  –  Interference

I guide you and your people in identifying and eliminating the interference getting in the way of optimum performance.  I work with businesses from all sectors and sizes to address:

Identify the obstacles to change by understanding the values, beliefs & habits driving  people’s actions and results

  • Leverage neuroscience to change unhelpful beliefs and develop more productive habits
  • Develop emotional intelligence – the ability to manage emotions, to foster greater trust and rapport and create a workplace where people feel valued and more motivated to succeed
  • Develop strengths, resilience and the confidence to deal with change and adversity

Work smarter not harder by working on the business vs in it. Identify the business vision, mission, values and goals to develop strategic plans

  • Create a clear direction to give employees a sense of purpose and focus their efforts
  • Develop more productive mindsets and eliminate overwhelm and confusion
  • Learn time management techniques to plan time more effectively
  • Define and streamline key business processes for greater efficiency

Create a culture that attracts and retains ‘dream teams’ who anticipate, innovate and collaborate to propel your business growth

  • Align business and employees’ values and goals to motivate and inspire
  • Give employees a means of expressing and addressing their needs
  • Develop leaders who inspire, serve and empower
  • Address stress management, conflict resolution and and work life balance issues to enhance wellbeing

Develop the conversational intelligence to reduce conflict and have more effective conversations  with co-workers, suppliers and customers

  • Identify and adapt to individuals preferred communication style to reduce conflict
  • Understand individuals response to problem solving, change, rules/regulations and learn how best to persuade them
  • Unify diverse individuals into high performing teams
  • Create teams where communication unlocks creativity and innovation

Key Benefits

  • Clarity on individual/organisational vision, values and strategy for success
  • Range of solutions for employee engagement from self managed to bespoke
  • Cultures of ownership, responsibility and accountability
  • Socially impactful organisation that engages, attracts and retains staff
  • Improved leadership/management and more effective teams
  • Improved communication between managers and teams
  • Improved individual ability to manage stress, adapt to changes and balance life
  • Increased clarity, focus and accountability for individual performance
  • Higher organisational performance and productivity
  • Quicker adoption of behavioural and cultural change
I’ve helped individuals and companies discover and grow by inventing a truly individualized approach to growth. Your success story starts here.

“I have been enormously impressed by the coaching sessions and have found Kris’ approach excellent.  She is supporting, non-judgemental and persistent, helping me to get to the root cause of an issue, challenge my motives and make decisions about my future that are right for me.  I have been through coaching programmes twice before in my adult life and my experience with Kris has been by far the most helpful and rewarding. ”

‘Former CEO’

“For the first time in years I can now say “I love my job!” and feel quite happy and settled in my current role. I’ve gained more emotional intelligence – Kris empowered me to come up with my own solutions to learn how to step back from situations where I previously would have just reacted and not gotten the result I wanted and my relationships are more positive and productive as a result.”


“I felt overwhelmed with workload and wanted to ultimately create a good work-life balance. I was surprised at how quickly one or two sessions could really make me focus on something that previously had been far too nebulus or out of my reach. I now feel like a highly organised individual who can reach my own new goals and actions beyond the goals I had originally set for myself, thanks to Kris’ coaching.”


No matter how complex your business questions, I have the capabilities and experience to deliver the simple solutions you need to move forward.

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I will develop a personalised plan to increase growth and make your business a Success.

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