Develop your people’s mindset for growth

When your people succeed, your business succeeds

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Coaching | Kris Thorne

My coaching supports your employees to achieve results faster than they would on their own. As my clients gain new insights, it unlocks creative thinking and action towards their desired outcomes.

My coaching is ‘wholistic’; I look at the whole person, not just the employee. Once your people are flourishing, your business will thrive.

Coaching helps your people to:

  • Accept and adapt to change more quickly
  • Develop resilience to handle challenges more confidently
  • Enhance their skills and creativity to improve performance
  • Develop emotional intelligence to reduce conflict and increase collaboration
  • Clarify and align business vision, values and goals for success
  • Be more focused, motivated and accountable for their actions and outputs
  • Feel more valued and respected, knowing that they matter
Let’s Develop Your People
Coaching | Kris Thorne

1:1 Coaching

A tailored programme to support or develop leaders and key individuals. This might be 6-12 sessions over 3-6 months.

Coaching | Kris Thorne

Team Coaching

A series of monthly or bi-monthly sessions over 3-12 months to create and sustain high-performing, motivated teams.

Coaching | Kris Thorne

On-Demand Coaching

A one-off 90 minute 1:1 session to address an immediate issue, perhaps managing stress and workload, making key decisions, or having a difficult conversation.

Work with Me