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DISC personality profiling – get to know your team

Miscommunication is often the root cause of conflict at work. And conflict is costly; recent research by ACAS, Westminster and the University of Sheffield revealed that conflict costs UK employers £28.5 billion a year at an average of £1000 per employee.

Poor leadership or conflict with co-workers is often the biggest pressure, causing people to leave jobs. Understanding people’s communication style – and therefore leadership style – is the first step to reducing conflict and building a collaborative, cooperative workplace.

DISC is a psychometric profiling system that helps to identify your temperament and preferred communication style, and that of your colleagues. You can then adjust your style to be more effective.

Empowered by this knowledge, leaders and teams can foster stronger working relationships and explore more effective ways to communicate and collaborate.

Disc Profiling | Kris Thorne

Other benefits include:

  • Greater self-awareness and respect for different working styles
  • Better team building by understanding others’ priorities and actions
  • Reduced stress and improved staff retention
  • Understanding of and ability to manage people’s response to change
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