Always aiming higher with Success

Helping firms innovate, transform, and lead.

Always aiming higher with Success

Helping firms innovate, transform, and lead.

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Hi, I’m Kris Thorne

So, what do you want to know?

I’m a listener – to people, their problems and the changes they want to see.

I’m creative – I enjoy exploring opportunities, changing viewpoints and identifying new solutions.

I’m interested – in your business, your people and where you want to be.

I’m flexible – able to work with individuals or teams, across all levels of business and in any industry.


Kris Thorne

Combine a consultant, trainer and coach – this is what you get

  • When you’re looking for someone to increase employee engagement and develop your people so they can be more creative and productive.
  • When you’re looking for someone to help you define your vision, mission, strategy and goals, develop inspiring leaders and high performing teams, and improve systems and processes to accelerate your business growth.
  • When you know you need a better understanding of your people’s needs and a way to help them shine.

Every business has fundamental processes, and I’ve been able to work within different companies across all these areas – sales and distribution, purchasing, manufacturing and quality control, accounts and people management. So I can help you quickly pinpoint the areas needing change and turn this knowledge into a strategy for sustainable success.

From these experiences I have learned how businesses work and becoming a coach was a natural talent transition. Combining coaching with my training and consulting skills puts me in a unique position to deliver people development and support solutions that truly inspire individuals and companies to change and grow.

I have undergone a rigorous training programme to become an accredited coach through the International Coaching Federation and so you can be sure my coaching is of the highest professional standard. I continually invest in my own development and I am CPD certified in coaching specialisms for financial, sales and marketing, neuroscience, resilience, confidence and therapeutic coaching and trained in conversational intelligence.

I can help you develop your business and help your people thrive. Together we’ll develop great people and great places to work.


Let me help your business change – to become the best it can be.


What more do you need to know?

I’m an expat who’s worked within businesses large and small, across several industries such as information technology, training/change management consulting, pharmaceutical, reprographic, chemical, food & beverage, petrochemical, and automotive. I’m as comfortable on the shop floor as in the boardroom.

I know you only get answers by asking the right questions. And when you ask, you’ll be told, because when people are being listened to, they become part of the solution. I want to hear more about your business.

Although I’ve worked in big corporations delivering global implementations, I love working with smaller – growing – businesses too. My experience is complex but I focus on helping your business uncover and implement the simple focused solution it needs to move forward.

I understand the importance of

  • seeing where change is needed
  • managing that change
  • helping others embrace change

Developing great people and great places to work



With my insight and experience, find out how I can help you – Get in touch today